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I'm Shawn Strasburg, a wedding, portrait, and family photographer based in Missoula, Montana; passionate about capturing lasting memories and all the easily overlooked moments in between. Whether it's the Wedding day you have been dreaming of your entire life, a small intimate elopement, cherished family portraits, or just a milestone celebration, no matter which it is, I dedicate myself to delivering clear and crisp images that tell your unique story. I'm a sucker for a good rom-com and love story, so…… why not let me be the one to take these cherished moments in your life and craft something beautiful for you.

MEET Shawn

When I'm not capturing memories behind the camera, you can bet that I'll be out on the trail or dancing in nature surrounded by my four animals and my fantastic partner, Brie, embracing the beauty of nature and savoring the joy of exploration.

First up is Jax, an adventurous and lively pup who's always on my hip and ready for anything. With his infectious love and happy tail, he brings excitement to every excursion.

Then there's Remi, a charming but cunning low-riding Dachshund with a magical power for training humans to fulfill his every desire. He can convince us to do what he wishes with his long eyelashes and compelling ways. Remi is known to be a little devil dog and adds mischief, but he always brings humor to our outdoor escapades while keeping us on our toes.

I can't forget our two cats, whose curious spirits overshadow even those of their older pup brothers. Oliver and Beans are explorers that behave more like dogs than cats. They will fearlessly accompany us on our adventures, hunting and playing through the forest, indulging in all the sights, smells, and sounds of nature.

With my four animals and my partner, Brie, every outdoor excursion becomes fun and filled with love and nature's beauties. Whether hiking, camping under a blanket of stars, or playing fetch in the park, these times spent outside fill our souls and remind us of all the beauty surrounding us. This is where I find inspiration, peace, and a connection to the world beyond the camera lens.

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